Arrowhead Loyalty Program

Welcome to the Arrowhead Loyalty Program

Part of the Arrowhead Advantage is our Customer Loyalty Program. As a valued customer, you are automatically enrolled in the program and earn points toward valuable benefits and discounts by doing something as simple as making an on-time payment.

calendar of payments

Get 100 points each time you make an on-time payment.*
As points add up, you achieve higher loyalty levels.

graduation diploma

With every six on-time payments you make, you will graduate to the next loyalty level.
Once you’ve achieved a certain level, you keep the level and its benefits.
We won’t deduct your points or reduce your benefits.**

loyalty program

At each loyalty level, you'll earn three valuable benefits:

  • Reduced finance charges
  • More money
  • More time to repay your loan
Loyalty Levels
We believe you should be rewarded for your responsible borrowing behavior. Aim for higher levels to get bigger savings.

bronze Coin
Earn 600
Silver Coin
Earn 1,200
Gold Coin
Earn 1,800
Platinum Coin
Earn 2,400
Diamond Coin
Earn 3,000

Level Max Loan Discount
New $1,400 0%
Bronze $1,550 10%
Silver $1,700 19%
Gold $1,850 27%
Platinum $2,050 34%
Diamond $2,250 41%

* Points will be awarded to a customer for making a timely and successful payment on or before the due date and for the minimum payment due. A customer’s payment is not deemed successful if any portion of it is returned or otherwise cannot be processed or if the payment is not for the entire amount due. Maximum number of points that can be earned per month is 1,000.

** We may suspend your ability to earn new points if your loan becomes past due. Arrowhead Advance reserves the right to modify or terminate the Loyalty Program or any aspect of the Program at any time with notice to you as required by applicable law, including earning requirements, loyalty levels, benefits and discount amounts, and earning criteria.

We Offer a Range of APRs

The APR on an Arrowhead Advance loan can range from 233% to 961% depending on the duration of the loan, loan fees incurred and other factors. Keep in mind that the APR range is not your finance charge, which will be disclosed with your loan agreement.