Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


You acknowledge and agree payments must be received by Lender on or before the Payment Due Date.

Unless you notify the Lender a payment has been mailed, or you have made alternate payment arrangements, Lender must initiate an ACH debit entry to your Bank Account for the scheduled payment the business day prior to the Payment Due Date in order for the funds to be received by Lender on the Payment Due Date.

If you make a payment by mail, and the payment has not been credited to your loan by Lender prior to 2:00 Central Time on the business day prior to your Payment Due Date, you should notify the Lender to avoid Lender processing an ACH debit entry and receiving amounts owed in the mail for the same scheduled payment.

If Lender receives a payment sent in the mail after the ACH debit entry has been processed, Lender will retain the payment received in the mail until the ACH debit entry has cleared your Bank Account.


This loan application shall be governed by the ArrowheadAdvance Privacy Policy.

Governing Law

Regardless of where you may be reviewing or accessing this site, this Agreement and the transactions related to your loan are governed by the laws of the Oglala Sioux Nation of the Pine Ridge Reservation, a federally recognized Indian Tribe and the Indian Commerce Clause of the United States Constitution. We do not have a presence in South Dakota or any other State of the United States of America. Neither this Agreement nor the Lender is subject to the laws of any State of the United States.

Application Verification

You give ArrowheadAdvance ("Lender" "ArrowheadAdvance") and Installment Service (its "Servicer"), consent to obtain information on you from a consumer reporting agency or other means available including, but not limited to TeleTrack and Accurint. You agree to and authorize such a search. You understand that ArrowheadAdvance may not fund your loan if it cannot successfully verify all of your application information.


You certify that the information supplied by you on this website to be true and correct. You authorize ArrowheadAdvance, its representatives, servicers, and/or assignees to verify the information by contacting any of the persons or firms listed by you. You fully release all parties from claims of damage that may arise out of or relate to any such contacts. Any false information submitted on this website shall be sufficient reason for denial of your request.

Electronic Agreement

By accepting the Terms and Conditions, you consent to electronic delivery of the Disclosures as described above and confirm that you have the software and computer equipment that satisfies the requirements above and that you will download or print the Disclosures you receive for your records.

Your Understanding

You understand that ArrowheadAdvance will retain this application whether or not it is approved.